Bill Reilly Motorsports is dedicated to the pursuit of Land Speed Records.  All eyes are on 2018 and the D/CBGALT record of 223.238 MPH.  With a lot of help from our friends we are driven to set a record. Please visit our Support & Links page, then click on the company links where there are a lot of great products that keep us safe and help us go fast.  

Why would anyone build a Bonneville Car?
    "First,  The Bonneville  Salt Flat Raceway is sacred ground to  those  who follow racing. For over  100  years people have been setting land speed records on the same stretch of salt. It  is the last  venue where a  little guy can build a  car or  bike in a shop  and run on the same course as automotive legends  and  set a record. I told  my mother  when I was 10 that someday I would  drive a  car at Bonneville at  200  mph. It took 42 years to get  there the first time" " We did not set a  record but we averaged over 200 mph on the last day of Speedweek. 

Why run for a  record?
    "I think it is intriguing to  build a car to run in a class with a specific engine size with the goal of  running faster than anyone in the world has ever run with that size engine. I think it is equally interesting to think of designs that you think will work, then fabricate the parts and install them. Finally,  there is a challenge to building a car with one's own hands, towing it 2,700 miles across the United States and then having the nerve  to drive it!"
                                                                                                                                               Bill Reilly

We want to test your products in the harshest environment in motor sports. Contact us, we enjoy working with parts suppliers.


The salt flats need our help due to 30 years of mining activity... we need help if we are going to carry on the 100 year tradition of setting land speed records on American soil. Please go to savethesalt.org  and donate today.

We hope to see you on the salt in August 2018, good luck and good racing.