Please follow along as we convert our 1970 Chevrolet Camaro D/CGALT land speed record car to a near period correct 302 cu in Camaro Trans Am track day car.

The first project is too cut out all of the extra roll bar tubes not needed n a road race car. There is a big difference in the inertia of a car crashing at 100 mph on a road course and 250 miles per hour on the salt flats. 

We will race the Toyota 86 next season while we build the Camaro in the back ground. The conversion will require us to remove the steel plate floor/firewall and replace with sheet metal. Change the engine to a road race engine. It will use either a single plain 4 barrel manifold or a Edelbrock version of the Chevy Cross Ram found on 302 cu in race cars of that era. 

I always get the period correct stickers early in the process it helps motivate me. The car will remain orange with its current race patina. 

Making progress gathering parts. Scored an original set of Motion fiberglass flares. They are a little rough but very usable. 

Getting close to the first fire up of the new 302 cui in engine.