These are products we use and links to sites we like:



    FireBottle  Our FireBottle Fire Suppression System is the best in the industry. 

​    VFN Fiberglass We use VFN Fiberglass hoods. They are light weight and priced right!

   Goodyear  Goodyear Eagle Land Speed Tires

​   Kirkey Racing seats

   Motor State Distributing, Parts and Supplies... awesome people and great support

   Enderle, Bug Catcher

   Red Line Oil, Racing Synthetic Oil, Gear Lube and Grease

   Art Work, Adrian Bruce drew the "Wheelrdealer" Dave Deal tribute cartoon, Awesome guy. This is the place to learn about all things Land Speed Racing

   Gingerman Raceway, Gingerman is a great road coarse run by great people... see you at the track.

   Lyden Oil Co Lyden Oil Company supplies us with oil and other petrolium prodicts.


  Our hobby is under attack. We all understand that emissions equipment and compliance is           important on street driven vehicles. The EPA always made a distinction between street vehicles and non-licensed             race only vehicles.  I seems they have changed the rules and want to ban modifications to any vehicle regardless if it       is driven only on a race track. Click the link and read the information. If you can sign the petition for the RPM act             every racer, performance fabricator, machine shop, supplier will be grateful. Thank you.